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What is Internet of Things Platform?

IoT platform is a multi-purpose ecosystem of physical devices, embedded with electronics, software, sensors, actuators, and network connectivity for collecting and exchanging data.


Connect multiple devices to one wireless network.


Get analytics and visualization from different sources in one place.


Create diverse and engaging content for your users.

IoT Platform Structure
  • System

    Dashboard with advanced analytics and visualization, data collecting (both real time and historic), messaging and notifications, management of all installed devices (sensors, beacons etc.).

  • Cloud

    Scalable engine, processing data from all the connected devices, sensors, applications, websites and managing real-time response.

  • Mobile

    iOS and Android apps for your customers to get control of the system and access their data.

Industry Solutions

Create highly personalized devices, meeting all the needs of a user.

Smart City

Introduce smart lighting, public services, waste disposal and real-time monitoring.

Smart Home

Deliver home automation and monitoring to increase energy efficiency and security.

Health & Medecine

Monitor patient’s health statistics and treatment outcomes, improve drug management and medication stock.


Introduce smart tags and personalized notifications, monitor inventory and get real time customer analytics.


Control your machines automatically, predict equipment failure and track the efficiency on all stages production.


Monitor cattle and its feeding levels, soil moisture and crop growth, remotely operate equipment and collect real-time analytics for better yield and cost-effective production.


Manage energy distribution, lighting and other solutions, geared towards a sustainable planet.


Enhance logistics ecosystem through connecting all items of supply chain to reduce product loss, save fuel cost, manage stock and fleet efficiency.

Our Projects

Our projects are diverse. But they have one thing in common: they make the most of the
IoT platform to create unique customer experiences.

Training Machines

A set of revolutionary training machines for both medical rehabilitation, and health-focused physical training for the 21st Century.

Hydra Wise

Hydrawise is a solution for garden irrigation control. It uses Predictive Watering™ schedule that can adjust watering time and days based on weather data, and suspend watering based on temperature, predicted rainfall or actual rainfall.


uControl is a system for energy saving and optimizing spendings. It consists of sensors installed on heating devices and windows, software and cloud back end for remote management. Users can see current temperatures, reports, notifications and configure heating parameters through both control panel and mobile app.

Our Services

We offer profound consultation on both technological and business aspects of IoT implementation.


We will assist you in placing the devices rationally.


We can create a complex customized solution for your business, including devices management console and apps.


We provide tech support and assistance at launch and long term. We will be with you all the way!

Still Not Sure?

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  • Easy Integration

    The platform can be integrated into already existing system or use existing design.

  • Scalability

    Our platform is fail-safe and designed to handle huge traffic load.

  • Fast Time to Market

    Ready-made solution is faster to implement than develop your own product.

  • Easy Customization

    Every case is unique and so is the platform. It can be easily adjusted to meet your business goals.

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