Strategic planning and
business plan valuation

IoT, Big Data and Blockchain are more than a trend and something from far future. Businesses are already getting affected and transformed by these technologies heavily and those who apply them in a proper way can uncover new
opportunities and get extra value. Our consulting services are aimed to better understand the technology, identify opportunities and help to execute projects in the right way.


Our company can help you to handle strategic planning, business plan valuation, hardware and software design and implementation, change management and long-term support.

Typical approach


3 days

At this stage we analyze your business aims, project use cases and challenges, predict possible issues and prepare a pilot project scope.

  • Analyze business requirements and areas of growth
  • Identifying impact on business
  • Overview of the IoT system and network architecture
  • Figuring key performance indicators
  • Finalization of the pilot project`s scope
Build and deploy a pilot project

5 days

On this stage we build an MVP project with core desired functionality and deploy it for further testing and expansion.

  • IoT infrastructure assessment
  • Hardware and software development
  • Mobile and desktop app development
  • Documenting the project
Production launch and ongoing support

6 weeks

The last stage includes completion of the project, long-term impact analysis, development of strategies for a full-fledged implementation of IoT solution in the future.

  • Production release of IoT system and the related applications
  • Control workshop for analysing process data
  • Code and system documentation delivered
  • Providing of a full-fledged IoT solution and product completion roadmap
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